PulpVAZ ™, a patent-pending, compounded antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin 14%, Metronidazole 43%, Clindamycin 43%) treatment system for dental practitioners to provide a disinfection protocol for the treatment of non-vital pulps. Revascularization is performed on immature permanent teeth that have become necrotic and infected and are immature.

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See PulpVaz in Action

PulpVAZ is "Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair", non-instrumentation, "in-office", endodontic treatment, which involves...

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What is PulpVAZ™?

PulpVAZ employs the use of a patent-pending, 2-part system consisting of a mixture of antibacterial drugs for disinfection of coronal and root canal dentin in order to heal pulpal and periapical lesions.

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Indications for PulpVAZ

1. Pulpotomy in primary teeth
2. Root canal disinfection (and filling) in primary teeth
3. Revascularization of immature permanent teeth
4. Intracanal disinfection of mature infected teeth

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"The triple antibiotic paste has become popular in recent years for a variety of dental indications. PulpVaz is the culmination of many years of development in order to make the acquisition, storage and use of this antibiotic combination efficient and safe for dentists and patients. I feel that PulpVaz is now in a form that is ideal for routine use for many dental applications."

- Dr. Trope

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